The Benefits of Customized Commercial Insurance Coverage for Builders


Taking Advantage of Customized Commercial Insurance Coverage for Builders

If you are a builder, you may be worried that your current insurance coverage is either providing insurance coverage that is not necessary, or may be missing some important coverage that you should have. You may be paying higher premiums for something you don’t need while insufficient coverage can leave you open to some unforeseen risks. Fortunately, there are insurance solutions and products available now that make it possible to get around the traditional turnkey commercial insurance packages. Working with an experienced insurance brokerage can help you secure fully customized commercial insurance coverage for builders. Builders and other contractors have unique needs when it comes to insurance and a customized insurance solution will provide all of the insurance that is required while eliminating unnecessary coverages.

As a contractor, you have to enough to worry about just running the business without being concerned whether you have the right level of insurance coverage to protect your business and your employees. Finding a customized insurance solution will provide valuable peace of mind that everything will be covered in the event of an incident or crisis.

The Value of Personalized Service  

There are insurance brokers with over 30 years of experience in the industry helping to provide insurance solutions for businesses from literally every industry and trade sector. An insurance broker that takes the time to get to know your business and how it operates will have the greatest chance of finding the best insurance solution for the business. Some insurance brokers will even take the time to conduct a full risk analysis on the business in order to become fully acquainted with how the business runs and to accurately identify all sources of risk exposure. This analysis can be used to develop risk avoidance strategies which in turn may qualify your business for better coverage options at better rates.

In many cases, the results of a comprehensive risk analysis study will provide additional benefits for the business including increased productivity and efficiency by minimizing the potential for costly interruptions and downtime.

An experienced insurance broker will be able to analyze the different types of insurance protection that are available and help you find the right solution to provide adequate protection for the following:

·       Physical Assets;

·       Business Income;

·       Liability Exposure;

·       Employee Coverage including group accident coverage;

·       Surety Bonds;

·       Building Material Replacement.

The Regional Insurance Difference

Regional Insurance is a family owned and operated independent insurance brokerage servicing clients all across the Greater Toronto Area as a one stop insurance source. With decades of experience, they have the expertise necessary to get to know your business and find the right insurance solutions for your unique needs. Regional Insurance is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service that begins with a full risk analysis and consultation in order to fully understand each client’s business. The service continues past the delivering of a customized insurance coverage solution; you can rest assured that Regional Insurance will also be there to modify your insurance policy if your needs change or help you file a claim and even advocate on your behalf if necessary.

Discover how a reputable and respected insurance brokerage can simplify the process of securing the perfect customized commercial insurance coverage for builders today.

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